Printed patches are made using a relatively new process in which embroidery and printing are combined. The background of the patch will be embroidered using a very thin satin thread on which your design is then printed using heat-transfer dye. Printed patches are an ideal solution for designs that are either very detailed or are extremely colorful.

By using this production method we can achieve a near photographic realism that cannot be achieved with other types of patches. In other words this production method permits the use of pictures or picture-like designs. Contrary to other types of patches where the maximum number of colors that can be used on a single patch is relatively limited, the number of colors on a printed patch can be almost limitless. Colors can even slowly fade from light to dark or from one color to a different color, an effect that is very hard to recreate in regular embroidery and impossible to recreate in plastic.

Backing types include hooks and loops, plastic, paper and sew-on (= no backing). 

Minimum ordering quantity = 20pcs.

  • printed patch 1
    printed patch 1
  • printed patch 2
    printed patch 2
  • printed patch 3
    printed patch 3
  • printed patch 5
    printed patch 5
  • printed patch 6
    printed patch 6
  • printed patch 8
    printed patch 8