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We supply a wide variety of metal pins, badges, tie-bars and cufflinks. Just like embroidered patches, pins / metal badges can be made in almost any shape and design. On this page you will find examples of items we have made for our customers as well as a small overview of the different available backings to create different items for different purposes.

Send us your design by e-mail so that we can discuss the possibilities with you and make a price-quote for you based on your artwork and specific wishes.

Below you will find some examples of pins we made for our customers:

(The pins shown below serve only as a reference and are not for sale).

pin1 pin2 pin3 pin4 pin5 pin6 pin7 pin8
pin9 pin10 pin11 pin12 pin13 pin14 pin15 pin16

Shown next are some of the so called ' insignes métalliques ' we supply to some of the of the French Air Force squadrons ( armée de l'air ):

(The 'insignes métalliques' shown below serve only as a reference and are not for sale!).

insigne1 insigne2 insigne3 insigne4 insigne5 insigne6 insigne7 insigne8
insigne9 insigne10 insigne11 insigne12 insigne13 insigne14 insigne15 insigne16

We carry several types of 3D airplane pins in stock that are for general sale (these items are not reserved for a particular squadron). The minimum ordering quantity for these pins is 100pcs.

Looking for a specific airplane? Send us an e-mail and we will let you know whether we can supply this airplane-type.

F-16gold F-16silver Mirage2000 Awacs Alpha-Jet Rafale Super Etendart C-130Hercules


By using different backings on the metal logo you can easily create products for different products. Examples include tie-bars and cufflinks. Since only the backing is different (pin, tie-bar, cufflink, etc.) it is easy and cheap to order a mix of several products; the mold for the front part is the same. Tie-bars and cufflinks can also be delivered in individual plastic gift-boxes to give them a more luxurious look.

Shown here is a small overview of some types of backings that can be used:

pin-backing with butterfly clutch pin-backing with tie-tack clutch safety-pin backing tie-bar cuff-link pendant-pocket
backing1small backing3small backing5small backing8small backing9small backing12small

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